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APPENDIX I: Note on population distribution
APPENDIX II: Note on Military Formations above Legions
APPENDIX III: Note on average planetary population
APPENDIX IV: T-Space Speeds
APPENDIX V: Shipyards
APPENDIX VI: Getting Around Galactic Maps
APPENDIX VII: Military Ranks
APPENDIX VIII: Does the “Commonwealth Grand Dukedoms” Map include part/all of the Orion District?
APPENDIX IX: Illustrus (Imperial) Senate numbers
APPENDIX X: TOG Population calculation
APPENDIX XI: Unit Naming Conventions
Appendix XIa: TOG Legion Designation of Origin
APPENDIX XII: Fighter vs. Legion Organization
APPENDIX XIII: TOG Naval Formations above (and below) the Battleship Squadron
APPENDIX XIV: How does TOG maintain control over quadrillions of citizens?
APPENDIX XV: How many Troops in a Legion?
APPENDIX XVI: What is the size of District Grand Armies?
APPENDIX XVII: What is the average “maximum” population growth potential for the major races?
APPENDIX XVIII: Just what the heck are all these appendices?
APPENDIX XVIIIa: The Real-World history of Renegade Legion and how this colored its development
APPENDIX XIX: The Ten Core Worlds
APPENDIX XX: What do Overlords do?
APPENDIX XXI: General Grade Officers Ratios, Numbers, and Limits
APPENDIX XXII: The Dreaded Missile System “E” and other Missile Musings
APPENDIX XXIII: Canon ship classes Master Table
APPENDIX XXIV: Caste System in TOG and Beyond
APPENDIX XXIVa: Prostitution in the Empire and Beyond
APPENDIX XXV: Rulers of the New Roman Republic
APPENDIX XXVI: Magellanic Clouds and Intergalactic Travel
APPENDIX XXVII: Capital Escorts + New Construction Rules Supplement
APPENDIX XXVIII: Fuel usage and storage in Leviathan and Interceptor
APPENDIX XXIX: Talents and Dinarii
APPENDIX XXX: New Ship Classes
APPENDIX XXXI: CW/TOG rank discrepancy (i.e. Maj. Gen. as Legion Commanders)
APPENDIX XXXII: Bodyguard and Ceremonial Legions and Auxilia
APPENDIX XXXIIa: Royalty on Earth and beyond
APPENDIX XXXIII: RL Setting v. BattleTech setting: Technology and the Ares Conventions
APPENDIX XXXIV: Religion in the RL setting
APPENDIX XXXV: Humans living outside TOG/The Commonwealth
APPENDIX XXXVI: Multiculturalism among the Races
APPENDIX XXXVIa: Languages and Language Use
APPENDIX XXXVII: A critical view of canon Naram History
APPENDIX XXXVIIa: “Humaram” civilization
APPENDIX XXXVIII: A look at Kess’Rith civilization
APPENDIX XXXVIIIa: KessHum civilization
APPENDIX XXXIX: What constitutes a “Major Race” in the Renegade Legion Setting?
APPENDIX XL: Adding new races to the RL Setting
APPENDIX XLI: RL Equipment analysis and reassessment through modern eyes
APPENDIX XLII: Manifest Destiny and Siege Mentality: Strange Bedfellows
APPENDIX XLIII: History of the TOG military and its influence on formation sizes
APPENDIX XLIV: CW/RL Army organization & how it has influenced the war
APPENDIX XLV: Republican/Renegade: The meaning and threat to the Commonwealth
APPENDIX XLVI: Glossary: Unit Types
APPENDIX XLVII: Turret Factors
APPENDIX XLVIII: Interstellar Traffic and Transportation Routes
APPENDIX XLIX: Let’s Build a Colony

File:APPENDIX L - Renegade Legion Timeline by SWS.pdf

APPENDIX LI: Unit Summary - Shannedam County (canon)
APPENDIX LII: Glossary of Roman Army unit types
APPENDIX LIII: List of Leviathan ship errata
APPENDIX LIV: Leviathan Weapon Lists
APPENDIX LV: Carrier Flight Operations
APPENDIX LVI: Beverages in the Renegade Legion Setting

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File:APPENDIX L - Renegade Legion Timeline by SWS.pdf

File:APPENDIX L - Renegade Legion Timeline by SWS.pdf

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