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The political map of the Milky Way by 6830. TOG holdings are marked in red.

A short timeline of events in the Renegade Legion universe.

Years 2100 (Discovery of T-Space) - 5000 (Snow Plague)

Year Political Events Prefect Centurion Interceptor Leviathan Non-Canon Events Reference
Middle 2100s Hsieh Ho develops Polydimensional Non-Euclidean Geometry, proving the existence of tachyons and laying the groundwork for the FTL drive.
2175 Elliot T. Courant in UNSS Magellan makes the first successful T-Space jump and returns safely
2210 Dr Wayne Marshman discovers the principle which later leads to the development of anti-gravity drives and flicker shields.
23rd Century

Phase Polarized Communications System (P-Comm) developed

G. Greerson develops the flicker shield

Humanity starts to colonise the nearest stars.


Humanity encounters the (Naram)

T-Doppler systems developed.

Human holdings in space consolidated and slowly expanding. Humanity united in the Human Raj


(Human Raj) Tribalist theory on Earth links the (Naram) with a lost tribe of Earth. The Naram stay noncommittal.

3000 (Human Raj) Settlers in what is Shannedam County today encounter the (Baufrin). Due to apocalyptic panic in the theocratic Raj, a short war erupts. (Human Raj) 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment relocated to Shannedam IV to fight (Baufrin) troops
3010 Peace negotiated between (Human Raj) and (Baufrin). Shannedam County prospers as both races jointly colonise and develop new planets
3010 - 5000

(Human Raj) and (Naram) expansion reaches the spheres of influence of (KessRith) and (Ssora). Border skirmishes are common

4996 (Vauvusar) envoys appear on several worlds, introducing themselves as ambassadors from the (Magellanic Republic), over 150,000 light-years away, to the (Human Raj)

(Vauvusar) envoys visit (KessRith) clan leader Z´tac Quoqa and study his work in viral genetics

3045 (Human Raj) settlers discover Grosianus, but decline to settle there. (Baufrin) terraform the planet
3543 Craig Jussin invades Ku Crassus.
4990 (Human Raj) Clusso and his mercenary force conquer Grosianus, (Baufrin) attack the conquerors

Years 5000 (Snow Plague) - 6565 (Trajan´s Insurrection)

Year Political Events Prefect Centurion Interceptor Leviathan Non-Canon Events Reference
>5000 New strains of cold viruses make the round on (Human Raj) and (Naram) worlds on the (KessRith) border

Ciria in Shannedam County experiences a world war that wipes out the Human population.

5029 (Human Raj) First case of Snow Plague retrovirus on Heronrest
5029 - 6331

(Human Raj) and (Naram) colonies wiped out by the catastrophic Snow Plague. An estimated 80% of Humans and Naram dies

(Vauvusar) ambassadors work tirelessly to help care for Snow Plague victims within (Human Raj) space

(KessRith) and (Ssora) conquer the (Human) and (Naram) colonies, enslaving the Snow Plague survivors. Only ten systems around Earth remain free

6499 Meteor showers strike Ku Crassus in Shannedam County.
6331 (Human Raj) Snow Plague slowly dies out. Human forces try to reconquer their former holdings, but are beaten into submission

(Ssora) (Human) Alexander Trajan stages highly popular military pageants in the style of Ancient Roman legions and gladiatorial games. He is granted the use of the "Death Express" for flying stunts

(Vauvusar) ambassadors protect fugitive slaves and supply Trajan´s (Human) legions with weapons

(Ssora) Sev Tem Aerospace Corporation builds a testing facility on Earth. (Human) slave pilots nickname their testing unit "The Death Express" for their high mortality rate
6550 (Human) and (Baufrin) rise against the (KessRith) occupators on Shannedam IV, forcing them to bunker up in fortified garrisons
6560 (Human) On Terra, Professor Neil Stromstra develops the VLCA principle

Years 6565 (Trajan´s Insurrection) - 6679 (Birth of TOG)

Year Political Events Prefect Centurion Interceptor Leviathan Non-Canon Events Reference
6565 (New Roman Republic)(Ssora) Alexander Trajan leads an insurrection by his gladiators against their Ssora masters, coordinating via VLCA technology (New Roman Republic)(Ssora)(KessRith) Alexander Trajan captures several Ssoran capital ships and uses them to attack KessRith fleets at Rourke´s Drift, causing a schism between the two alien species Interceptor, p.53
6565-6584 (New Roman Republic) Terran Republic proclaimed, Slave-Plebian-Citizen system and Senatorial rule after ancient Roman model established

Alexander Trajan refuses the office of Caesar and takes the title of First Consul, subject to the Senate

(KessRith)(Naram)(Baufrin)(Commonwealth) Humans, Naram and Baufrin revolt against KessRith domination, aided by weapons shipments from Alexander Trajan´s Terran Republic

Commonwealth established by Humans and Baufrin

(Naram) 20 years later: Naram Republic established and considers integration with the Terran Republic

6570 : (KessRith) withdraw from Shannedam IV Interceptor, p.53 f.
6584 (Commonwealth)(KessRith) The Commonwealth under Suphra Decla signs a separate peace treaty with the KessRith, alienating Alexander Trajan

Ciria in Shannedam County, as well as several other uncontested worlds, turned over to the (Commonwealth) by the (KessRith)

Interceptor, p.53
6608 Alexander Trajan dies before he can publish his memoirs, in which he regrets having introduced the Citizen-Plebian-Slave system and envisions a free Republic

6650 (approx.)

Mid-67th Century

(New Roman Republic) Anthony Trajan, Alexander Trajan´s grandson, inherits the title of First Consul.

Bloody mass entertainments and general decadence spread

Moderate Senators walk out of the government and form a "shadow Senate" in hiding. Their seats in the Senate remain vacant

6650 (New Roman Republic) Defensor medium fighter introduced
6659 (Naram) Republic abolishes all legal class distinctions, alienating Anthony Trajan

(New Roman Republic) 10 shadow Senators are caught and executed

Senator John Kershaw, supported by the Praetorian Guard, conducts a coup and deposes Anthony Trajan, is crowned Caesar

Anthony Trajan falls on his sword


(New Roman Republic) Caesar John Kershaw proclaims the Code Revisions, loosening and nearly abolishing the rise of lower classes to citizenship

John Kershaw renounces the title of Caesar and assumes the position of First Consul

6669 - 6679

(New Roman Republic) Arts and sciences prosper. Bloodsports lose appeal

VLCA efficiency greatly enhanced by scientific breakthroughs

Relations with (Naram) Republic improve


(New Roman Republic) General Ivanolo Buntari orders the (KessRith) world Durmella sterilised of all life by his fleet, forcing the horrified KessRith delegation to watch.

Grand General Douglas Constantin and Admiral Sefra Constantin track down Buntari with a fleet and force him to resign from the military.

Years 6680 (Birth of TOG) - 6699

Year Political Events Prefect Centurion Interceptor Leviathan Non-Canon Events Reference

(TOG)(New Roman Republic) Massive protests shake human space after the birth of TOG is proclaimed by Caesar Ivanolo Buntari.

Ius populorum ("Law / rights of the people") is replaced with Lex Caesaris ("Order of the Caesar")

182nd Heavy Infantry Legion under Prefect Simon Constantin and several other units refuse to fire on civilian protestors and are gunned down by Loyalist Legions. The 182nd marches on the ruined capital and reaches Caesar Buntari´s bunker. Buntari barely escapes.

182nd Heavy Infantry Legion is defeated, Prefect Simon Constantin and all survivors of the unit publicly executed.

(TOG) Loyalist Defensor fighters attack the 182nd Heavy Infantry Legion and save Caesar Buntari´s life (Commonwealth) Repulse class is introduced as the main battleship of the Commonwealth Navy.

Centurion Vehicle Sourcebook, p.38

Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing p.118

6681 Grand General Douglas Constantin defects to the (Commonwealth) with > 300,000 Legions and 3,804 battleship groups to form the Republican Armed Forces in Exile (Renegade Legions).
6682 (TOG) Crassus heavy ground tank introduced to help quell anti-TOG riots. Centurion Vehicle Sourcebook, p.38
6690 (TOG) Praeceptum princeps is proclaimed, which states that humans are the stewards of the Galaxy and supreme among the races

(TOG) Patria potestas is proclaimed, relegates women to the state of chattels.

Caesar Ivanolo Buntari is killed and left to drift in space by his female Praetorian bodyguard unit.

Female soldiers are ousted from their Legions or quit military service; many defect to the (Commonwealth), starting the tradition of all-female Minerva units.

Years 6700 - 6799

Year Political Events Prefect Centurion Interceptor Leviathan Non-Canon Events Reference
6717 (TOG)(Naram) Treaty of Peace and Friendship between TOG and Naram Republic; Lictor agents infiltrate Naram Government ("Seduction of the Naram") Legionnaire, p.166





War breaks out as TOG invades the Commonwealth.

6720 (Commonwealth) Defender heavy fighter introduced Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing p. 118
6724 (TOG) Conflictor-class battleship introduced to satisfy the rising demands for ships due to the outbreak of war with the Commonwealth
6725 (Naram) Bit´Nak Val medium grav tank is rushed into production to counter an expected (TOG) invasion of Naram space Centurion Vehicle Briefing p.84
6726 (TOG)(Naram) TOG shipyards produce a heavier armed variant on the pre-Seduction Naram Bantha frigate that is going to become the official version. Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing p. 48
6727 (TOG)(Naram) The subverted Elder Council of the Naram Republic cedes roughly 40% of the Republic's territory to TOG, creating the occupied Dalvik District.

(Baufrin) and (Naram) investors form the first mining cartel on Ciria in Shannedam County.

(Commonwealth) infantry garrisons on Ciria increased. Legionnaire, p.166
6728 (Commonwealth) County-class frigate carrier introduced and rushed into production
6740 (TOG) Sica medium fighter introduced
6742 (TOG) Nisus light grav tank introduced Centurion Vehicle Briefing p.58
6750 (TOG) (KessRith) campaign at its height (TOG) CWTP´s predecessor employed in (KessRith) war
6755 (TOG) Alcibiades light grav tank introduced Centurion Vehicle Briefing p.54
6760 (TOG) Aclys medium ground APC introduced
6775 (TOG)(KessRith) Final stages of the TOG-KessRith campaign (TOG) Verutum light fighter introduced Interceptor

(TOG) Pilum medium fighter introduced

CWTP´s predecessor mothballed

6781 (Commonwealth) Kruger-class destroyer commissioned; class is originally named the Aragon-class.
6783 (TOG)(Commonwealth) Alesia Grand Dukedom lost to TOG (Commonwealth) Guardian medium fighter mass-produced locally to fill the gaps left by fighters drawn off to replenish the fleet Interceptor
6789 (TOG) Cuspis medium fighter introduced
6790 (TOG) Saxum light fighter introduced
Early 6790s (TOG) Tobias Sextus rewrites TOG tactical ground doctrine, proposes to have tanks support infantry and not vice versa

Romulus medium grav APC introduced

6790-6793 (Commonwealth) commissions intensive refit and redesign programmes to its navy. 

Kruger-class destroyer refit for a spinal mount at the expense of fighter capacity.

Centurion Vehicle Briefing, p.82


(TOG) Octil-class frigate proposed.
6795 (TOG) launches offensive against (Commonwealth) Alaric March. Nandy in Gilpin County captured swiftly. [Date changed from 6801 to avoid contradiction with other data.] (Commonwealth) Vindicator light recon grav tank introduced (TOG) captures (Commonwealth) Dimico Starship Yards on Nandy in Gilpin County intact and cedes them to the Bekter Corporation. [Date changed from 6801 to avoid contradiction with other data.] Centurion Vehicle Briefing, p. 70

Years 6800 - 6899

Year Political Events Prefect Centurion Interceptor Leviathan Non-Canon Events Reference
6800 The first Renegade Underground "R" symbols appear everywhere in (TOG) space. (Commonwealth) Spartius medium APC introduced
6801 (TOG) Pallas medium grav tank introduced

(Commonwealth)(TOG) Indecisive Battle of New Dogger Bank in Gilpin Province between massive fleets of battleships. It is realised that battleships are unsuited to a raiding role; both sides radically change tactical doctrine after the battle, leaving future offensive operations and raids to flotillas of smaller warships, and relegating battleships to defensive roles. 

Death of Admiral Karol Ann Kruger.

Centurion Vehicle Briefing, p.80
6802 (TOG) Stratos heavy support tank introduced Centurion Vehicle Briefing, p.42
6803 (Commonwealth) Harrasser medium ground APC introduced Centurion Vehicle Briefing p.28
6805 (TOG) Arcus heavy ground-support fighter introduced
6808 (TOG) Hasta light ground tank introduced (TOG) Serpens-class destroyer introduced Centurion Vehicle Briefing p.8
6809 (TOG)(Commonwealth) TOG military strategists begin planning the invasion of Shannedam County Distant Fire, p.5
6811 (TOG)(Commonwealth) TOG invasion of Shannedam County begins

TOG forces bypass obvious targets and attack Ancona

Distant Fire, p.5
6812 (TOG) Idis medium fighter introduced
6815 121st (Commonwealth) Legion (The Stone Throwers) faces (TOG) 3241st Strike Legion (The New Rome Spearmen) on Saguntum III. (Naram) Brigadier Sesutra Kenderson uses innovative tactics and the planet´s foul weather to mount an inspired defense against overwhelming odds, throwing the TOG plan for the invasion of Shannedam County off track. (Commonwealth) Cheetah light fighter introduced Interceptor
6816 (TOG)(Naram) Dalvik District riots instigated by the Renegade Underground Centurion Vehicle Briefing p.8
6818 (TOG)(Commonwealth) Due to the delays in the Shannedam County offensive, most notably on Saguntum III, Caesar Julianus loses interest in this theater of operations. Supplies and support are withdrawn.

(Commonwealth) Ciria in Shannedam County declares itself a free planet and subsequently surrenders to TOG.

(TOG)(Commonwealth) On Overlord Aldron Mannius' orders, TOG 3794th Strike Legion and elements of 202031st Harrasser Squadron (Task Force Temerarius) attack Gustaviv's Regret in Shannedam County, without waiting for Saguntum III to be secured (TOG) Horatius medium grav tank prototype field-tested on Gustaviv's Regret

(Commonwealth) Nah Tikal (Viper) light grav APC introduced

The 3241st (TOG) Strike Legion´s fighter wing is instrumental in the defeat of (Commonwealth) resistance on Saguntum III in Shannedam County. (TOG) Task Force Temerarius engages (Commonwealth) 4320th Defense Squadron commanded by Commodore De!a'v. Distant Fire, pp.5,20

Centurion Vehicle Briefing, p. 66

6819 (TOG) forces take the planets Pisae and Carthage X in (CommonwealthShannedam County and attack Caralis.

General Marcus Spartivalcus appointed commander-in-chief of the Shannedam offensive by Caesar Julianus in 6825, and TOG holdings in Shannedam County declared a Military Annexation, with Thapsus as capital.

(TOG) General Hostas, military governor of Ciria in Shannedam County conducts a purge of the planet´s governing council and civil service

The (TOG) offensive on Messana in Shannedam County runs into difficulties as (Renegade) defenders use the fortifications left by a long-dead alien race to defend against the invading Legions.

(TOG) Lancea light fighter introduced

CWTP medium fighter taken out of retirement to test the Cone Laser weapons system

The (TOG) offensive on Caralis in Shannedam County is stalemated by a dogged (Commonwealth) naval defense that cuts off supplies to the invading Legions. Interceptor
6820 (TOG) Gladius heavy fighter introduced Interceptor
6824 (TOG) Clodius ground APC introduced
6825 (Commonwealth) Venatrix class battleship introduced, the first to be able to stand up to a (TOG) Shiva and defeat it. Venatrix hunt / kill groups proceed to become an unstoppable force in Naval battles until the advent of the Shiva/N in 6829.
6826 (TOG) Horatius medium grav tank introduced

Augustus heavy grav tank introduced

(TOG) Martiobarbulus heavy fighter introduced

(Commonwealth) Corsair medium fighter introduced after a (Renegade Legions) commando team captures a Spiculum engine

Centurion Vehicle Briefing, p.74

(TOG) Manubalista light fighter introduced Funda light fighter introduced

(Renegade Legions) Flight Sergeant Jenkins´ prototype Slingshot heavy fighter introduced

(Commonwealth) Kenderson medium fighter introduced

TOG Fighter Briefing p. 11
6828 (Commonwealth) BumbleBee light fighter and Defiant heavy fighter introduced.
6829 (TOG) Two Legions land on (Commonwealth) Syriph XX in Shannedam County as a stepping stone to Defiance. Initial intelligence missed that Syriph was a heavily defended staging area for Renegade Legions. The invasion force was bogged down in heavy fighting, and TOG survivors renamed the planet Caesar´s Folly.

First full-scale (TOG) assault on Defiance.

(TOG) Lepidus medium grav tank introduced.

(TOG) Ludicrum Secundus light fighter created by arming the standard TOG high-g manoeuver training platform

Telum light fighter finally introduced, after massive delays

(TOG) After losing battleships all along the front to the new (Commonwealth) Venatrix class, Grand Admiral Maximus devises the Shiva/N Nova refit and turns the tables.

(the present)

(TOG) Tobias Sextus´ tactical doctrine has become gradually abandoned; tanks are supported by infantry

On (Commonwealth) Caesar´s Folly in Shannedam County, the 816th (TOG) Strike Legion is completely destroyed by the 861st (Renegade) Strike Legion (The KessRith Tamers).

Centurion Vehicle Briefing, p.82
6833 (Commonwealth)

Bradson medium grav APC introduced