Golden Medusas 01

The Golden Medusas is an expansion sourcebook for the Renegade Legion Interceptor game published by FASA in 1987.

It describes some of the deadly space battles between the Witches of Defiance's fighter wing against the Orca Squadron of the TOG's Death Express fighter wing. Included are histories of both fighter wings, with briefing on their personalities, skills and personal backgrounds. There is also a unit history, combat readiness and fifteen scenarios for you to play.

The book (80 pages) adds color and flavor to Renegade Legion: Interceptor and to the Renegade Legion Universe.

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

"Cassandra Lynn-Bader, commander of the Golden Medusa squadron of the Witches of Defiance Fighter Wing, need prove nothing to anyone except maybe to herself. Ever since the destruction of Convoy 001-Alpha and the death of her husband in that battle, she has lost the edge that made her one of the rising stars of the Renegade Legion and Commonwealth Military forces. In addition, she has become obsessed with destroying the enemy force most responsible for her loss. That enemy is the fearsome Orca squadron of TOG's Death Express Fighter Wing.
This scenario set details the fateful meetings and engagements that took place between these deadly enemies in the hotly contested Shannedam County of the Commonwealth. In this set, you will meet and read about the 12 pilots of the two squadrons. You will also read the eventful histories of the squadrons and their parent fighter wings. Most important, you can participate in the fortunes of both squadrons by playing 15 scenarios of the most crucial encounters that those two squadrons have had against one another and against other fighter units."

Boy F. Peterson Jr.
80 pages
FASA 5201
ISBN 1555600557