Tessadrake run lg

"TESSDRAKE RUN is a role-playing adventure designed for use with Renegade Legion: Legionnaire. Players can assume the role of a member of the Commonwealth intelligence services or TOG's counterespionage arm.

As members of the Commonwealth, players will attempt to sabotage the station, laying it open for a naval attack.

TOG player characters will attempt to ferret out the Commonwealth saboteurs and eliminate all hidden threats to the station. Tessdrake Run includes a scenario for Leviathan detailing the Commonwealth's naval strike against the station."

Blaine Pardoe
72 pages
FASA 5801
ISBN 1555601499

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

"Tessdrake Station"
"Location: L-21-001-006-20-A"
"Class: ON6"
"Function: Naval supply and support base, orbital."
"Capabilities: Continuous support of multiple Battleship groups. Overhaul and repair facilities capable of simultaneous servicing of three Battleship class ships of their equivalent."
"Tessdrake Station"
"When Tessdrake station becomes operational TOG will strike like lightning at the heart of Shannedam County. TOG will do whatever it takes to protect this military treasure. The Commonwealth will take whatever risk is necessary to destroy it."