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Standard TOG/RL/CAF map symbol for friendly squad

The squad is the foundation of all ground-based military formations in the FASA's Renegade Legion universe; all known militaries use squads, from TOG to the KessRith to the Vauvasaur, though the exact composition and number of troopers varies based on race and unit type.

Squads are commonly commanded by Sergeant-equivalent (OR-5/E-5) non-commissioned officers.

Non-combat-oriented squads are commonly referred to as "sections".

In standard deployment, three Squads form a Platoon.

Default compositionEdit

The basic squad used by the New Roman Republic and its inheritors; TOG and the Renegade Legions, comes in three basic varieties:

Light InfantryEdit

Better known as Foot Infantry or Leg Infantry, Light infantry squads are composed of eight troopers with no integrated vehicular transport capabilities; their long-range transport is wholly dependent on other units.

Light Infantry is rarely equipped with bounce packs or personal transports of any sort, such as bicycles, motorcycles or hovercycles.

The best-known light infantry units are TOG's Penal Volunteer Auxilia. Many Marine units are also considered light infantry.

Mechanized InfantryEdit

Mechanized or “heavy” infantry is the standard throughout known space and is composed of a two-element unit: an armored personnel carrier (APC) and its crew and an eight-trooper dismounted element, commonly of bounce infantry.


An armor “squad” is composed of a single vehicle and its crew, whether a wheeled recon unit or a heavy grav tank.

Alternate CompositionsEdit


Whether self-propelled, towed or static, Artillery “squads” are called “tubes” or “guns”, but otherwise correspond to other squad types.


Kess’Rith infantry squads are comprised of only four troopers, but given their larger mass and capabilities, are considered the equivalent of an eight-trooper “standard” squad in other formations.


Menelvagorean squads are composed of nine warriors organized into three Eyes of three warriors each. Three Squads form a Group of 27 warriors; this is the largest native formation used.