Alaric Prefecture Shannedam

Shannedam County is a County within Alaric Grand Dukedom of The Commonwealth; it is also a Province within Alaric Prefecture. It is approximately 600LY across and it is part of the front line theater on the TOG-Commonwealth War.

The Commonwealth County capital is Defiance, fourth planet of the Shannedam System. As of 6841, the County is led by Count Vannis Ferril, a former JAG Corps Aero Marshal in the Royal Aerospace Corps appointed to the position after the assassination of the previous Count in 6839.

The TOG Provincial capital is Thapsus. Michael Caarenti of Ancona was elected the first Spectibles senator of the newly minted Province, though Overlord Aldon Mannius is still the maximum TOG authority in the Province.

The county is described in detail in Shannedam County (sourcebook).

List of WorldsEdit

This list shows all inhabited systems in the Province/County along with their populations.

Ancona (2.81 billion)
Business Mission (111 million)(Free Traders)
Caesar's Folly (199 million)
Caralis (1.58 billion)
Carthage X (1.3 billion)
Ciria (300 million)
Da'Valk (890 million)
Defiance (3.98 billion)(Commonwealth County capital)
Delop (1.39 billion)
Grosianus (809 million)
Gustaviv's Regret (4.99 million)
Henders (760 million)
Iol (1.8 billion)
Ku Crassus (2.01 billion)
Kukulak (809 million)
Mala (806 million)
Mashoona (1 billion)
Mavinav (800 million)
Messana (1.1 billion)
Moshelle (2.39 billion)
Mysia (20.3 million)
New Janos (1.5 billion)
Novuta (302,000)
Olisipio (25.3 million)
Ope'Dar (1.6 billion)
Pisae (1.01 billion)
Rilus V (890 billion)
Rolinitru (79.1 million)
Saguntum III (800 million)
Sparta XII (1.1 billion)
Tarraco (809 million)
Thapsus (697 million)(TOG Province capital)
Tiven (2.77 billion)
Tontrinas (801 million)
Trader's Paradise (1.21 billion)(Free Traders)
Tubanos (217 million)
Ve'Fros (1.01 billion)
Wuj (920 million)
Yols (321 million)
Zama (801 million)

Average population is 1.035 billion, ranging from 3,980,000,000 on Defiance/Shannedam (the capital) down to 302,000 on Novuta. Total population is approximately 41,429,992,000 spread across 40 worlds.

NOTE: As a whole, the sector (i.e. 'County') contains the forty systems listed above, plus forty-six 'secondary' systems that are largely uninhabited by permanent residents, but which may be the source of resources (and military bases).


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