Shannedam county

The Shannedam County Sourcebook is a campaign supplement for use with Legionnaire, Interceptor, Leviathan, and Centurion. It provides background information for all the inhabited worlds in Shannedam County, as well as information on the military forces in the County for use with these games.

Along with the various sections on system information, this supplement also introduces various types of Orbital Industrial Facilities, Naval Bases & Ground Legion Bases.

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

"In 6811, the Terran Overlord Government launched a bold and massive attack against Commonwealth-held Shannedam County. Over the course of the next 20 years, the TOG military smashed Commonwealth and Renegade forces on more than 16 Shannedam County worlds. Massive forces from both TOG and the Commonwealth are currently pouring into the region, gearing up for a battle that will affect the course of the war for years to come."
"Shannedam County: A Renegade Legion Sourcebook provides comprehensive information on 40 habitable systems in Shannedam County, and host of minor stars. Each system's history, and industrial and military facilities, including in-system military units, are fully described in this book. Shannedam County: A Renegade Legion Sourcebook will enhance any Renegade Legion campaign."

Blaine Pardoe
120 pages
FASA 5305
ISBN 1555601340