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The red graffiti "R" symbol of the Renegade Underground was adopted by the various units of the Renegade Legions as a sign of solidarity.

Renegade propaganda leaflet.

The joys of being a Renegade agent in the heart of TOG space.

Since the beginning of the 6800s, red "R" symbols have appeared with increasing frequency all across TOG space: spray-painted on monuments, scrawled on walls, splashed hurriedly on the sides of TOG tanks and fighters. This is the sign of an underground movement calling themselves "the Renegades" in honour of the Renegade Legion. In response and as a show of solidarity, Renegade units now also use a red graffiti "R" on their combat craft.

(Another common sign that members use is the first and second fingers of the hand crossed with the thumb and other fingers folded in the palm; this is said to have been the letter "R" in an ancient hand-sign language.)


Unlike other anti-TOG underground groups, the Renegades operate on the cell principle: a single member will organise a small number of others into a group, and they in turn will organise still others. Often, members´ identities are concealed at meetings by wearing hoods and using code-names. Under no circumstances do recruits ever know their recruiter´s recruiter. This makes it extremely difficult for the Lictor to penetrate them. Prisoners in Lictor hands can yield up the identities of very few others, regardless of the interrogation method.


Men, women and aliens recruited into the Renegades come from all walks of life. Slaves pass on messages to other slaves and foment revolts in the mines. Traders drop packages or smuggle passengers out of TOG space (or agents the opposite way). Civil administrators use their connections to protect other agents or initiate what changes they can. Soldiers incite mutinies or sabotage equipment. Street urchins distribute anti-TOG leaflets and act as a cell´s eyes and ears on the street. Not everyone who works for the Renegades needs to have the nerves of steel necessary to infiltrate high-security compounds or kill a high TOG official with a bomb. Every member contributes whatever he, she or it can, and all those small actions add up.

One of the most important, if hardly glamourous, duties of the Renegades is to constantly disseminate information to the general populace to counter the TOG-propagated revisionist history. Leaflets, pirate broadcasts and graffiti are common; more spectacular are the "bandit murals" that cover the sides of whole blocks of buildings through the use of a pre-programmed sprayer truck.

Equally important is maintaining the "underground railway" which smuggles those who wish to be free of TOG oppression across the border. The railway gives people hope, and many of those who flee return later as Renegades.

A campaign of bombings and assassinations has hit the outer districts of the TOG in recent years. Much of it has been focussed on VLCA sites and other communications facilities and has clearly been coordinated with the Renegade Legion´s strategy of disrupting TOG communication. At the present rate, TOG worlds along the border will go completely deaf within the next ten years.

In the Orion District, the Renegades have been stepping up their bombing campaign. They have also been uncovering TOG agents within the Naram Republic, and clearing out traitors from the "underground railway" that carries escaped slaves and dissidents to the Commonwealth, and smuggles sabotage and agitation agents deep inside TOG territory.

TOG Reprisals

The Lictor works diligently to root out Renegade traitors, but the more repressive its methods get, the more citizens and Plebeians join the resistance cells.

The activities of the Renegades have caused such disruption across TOG space that a disparate number of garrison Legions and Lictor have been necessary to contain the unrest on many worlds. An enraged Caesar Nicholas Julianus finally ordered the Overlords and Lictor to completely eradicate the Renegades, and empowered them to use any measure necessary - up to the ultima ratio of Buntarization of inhabited worlds, which had been shunned since the time of Caesar Buntari.

Two very powerful Overlords, Aldron Mannius and Kittrich Dulor, equipped with far-ranging powers of investigation and punishment, have been dispatched to the Orion and Mochov Districts respectively as Inspectors-General. Their reports have been highly critical of the civil and military adminstrators there. In Mochov, Overlord Kittrich Dulor has made progress in finding "The Fury", a charismatic and elusive leader of the Renegades in that District. The Overlord has narrowed the list of suspects to just a few, including Senator Spectabilis Mikenus Koralis.