Renegade's Honor sm

Renegade's Honor is a novel written by William H. Keith, Jr. set in the Renegade Legion universe.


" " will spend the rest of your natural life as a slave, laboring for the Empire in the crystal mines of Haetai-Aleph. HAIL CAESAR!" "
"Kendric Fraser lived, fought and commanded as a loyal officer of the Terran Overlord Government."
"Assigned to lead a fleet raised from the Gael Cluster, his own backwater home, Kendric was sent to coerce freshly conquered worlds into a more positive attitude towards their new masters."
"...Somehow, annihilating and entire planetary population did not strike him as showing the flag in a positive light. Kendric's defiance was his death sentence."
"Now his only salvation is to ally himself with TOG's sworn enemies, the Renegade Legions - over 50,000 light years away!"'


William H. Keith, Jr.
442 pages
FASA 5601
ISBN 1555600573

  • ISBN 10: 1555600573 / 1-55560-057-3
  • ISBN 13: 9781555600570