Prefect of the Legion is a military rank in TOG and in the Renegade Legions.

Using standardized grades, the Prefect of the Legion (abbreviated PrfLg) is OF-5/O-6 and is the equivalent of a 21st century Colonel.

The rank originates in the pre-Terran Revolt pageants created by Alexander Trajan and is in active use in both the TOG Army and in the Terran Republic Army-in-Exile. In the TOG Marine Corps, the equivalent rank is Prefect Classiari, while the Renegade Legions Marine Corps uses Prefect of the Legion if a Legion is under his or her authority or Classiari Prefect if his or her command is composed of separate and independent units.

Administrative and support officers of this grade in both TOG and the Renegade Legions hold the rank of Prefect Secundus (abbreviated Prf2), but are almost universally addressed as Secundus unless they have actually led a Legion, in which case they are addressed as Prefect.

It should be noted that in the Commonwealth Armed Forces, a Legion is under the command of a Major General who still has the grade equivalency of OF-5/O-6.

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