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Prefect is an operational-scale wargame with large fold-out maps and hundreds of small cardboard counters that shifts the action from the tactical to the strategic level and involves the invasion of an entire star system. The player of Prefect is a high-level commander in either TOG or the Commonwealth and controls thousands of ships, tanks and soldiers fighting over multiple worlds and millions of miles of space.

Publisher's Description

"Planetary invasions are complex and dangerous enterprises. Covering naval forces, orbital bombardment platforms, and troop transports must be precisely coordinated, and the timing of assault drops cannot deviate from the plan by more than a few seconds. Supplies and reinforcements must flow smoothly to the planetary bridgehead. Enemy grav forces must be located, pinned down, and destroyed to gain a decisive advantage in the battle. Accomplish all this, and victory is assured. Fail, and face total defeat.
Prefect is a boxed game simulating a planetary invasion at the operational level. Players plan and execute the space and ground actions of a campaign to seize the planet Ku Crassus. Rules for integrating Prefect with Leviathan, Interceptor, and Centurion are provided, as well as rules for designing invasions of other planets in Shannedam County.

FASA 5106
ISBN 1555601553


  • 1 Rule Book
  • 1 Operational Briefing Book
  • Record Sheets (Scenarios)
  • 800+ Playing Pieces (4 sheets)
  • 1 Full-color Planetary Map
  • 1 Full-color System Map
  • 1 Ten-sided Die