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TOG Pharetra carrier

Patrol Vessels are a category of starship constructed using so-called "standard-scale" (i.e. non-Leviathan) rules and components. The name itself is something of a misnomer, since "patrol vessels" covers both military and civilian ships across many classes, categories and functions.

Ship Designations


  • PC - Patrol Craft (TOG) / System Patrol Craft (The Commonwealth) - Essentially supersized fighters capable of dealing with civilian traffic and even lighter military vessels.
  • PF - Patrol Forces - patrol ships with FTL capability. Used by TOG and RL Navies
  • PE - Patrol Escort - FTL-capable ships with power output comparable to small Destroyers, ships of this class are common only in internal worlds far away from major conflicts.
  • PK - Patrol Corvette - used haphazardly as a catch-all for ships that don't fit any other category.
  • CVP - Carrier Vessel (Patrol) - Commonly known as "Corvettes" or "Patrol Corvettes" to distinguish them from their larger cousins, these Faster-than-Light ships carry a Fighter Squadron into battle. Some are employed as patrol vessels or raiders singly or paired with a PF, while others are assigned as escorts for other ships (military or civilian) lacking sufficient fighter coverage.
  • CVK - Corvette-class carrier - nearly obsolete alternate designation for CVPs.

List of Military Patrol Vessel Classes




  • TS / TT - "Transport Ship, FTL-capable" - Generic-use freighters.
  • SL - Star Liner - The workhorses of interstellar transport; passenger liners, often called "busses" or "space busses" on the shorter routes, are seen in significant numbers throughout known space.
  • SY - Senatorial Yacht - designation given to ships registered to Senators of the Imperial Senate System regardless of senatorial rank.

List of Commercial Freighters