Menelvagorean 03

Menelvagoreans are tall, blue-skinned creatures with bony skin (akin to that of an armadillo), three eyes, and a tail, native to the world of Menelvagor. They are very long-lived warriors, if they don't die in combat first. Their eyes can see in the ultraviolet range. Each hand has three fingers and a thumb, all ending in razor-like talons. They are taciturn and dislike worlds where the normal temperature is below 120° F. Their homeworld lurks in the remnants of a nebula, so its night sky is as almost as bright as the daytime - which means they are a bit uneasy in the dark.

Menelvagoreans stand over two meters tall and easily tip the scales at 200 kilos. There is no doubt in the mind of anyone just seeing one of these purple-azure creatures that they are capable of incredible feats of strength. However, they are also incredibly quick and dexterous for being so large. Their thick flesh is worked with bony plates, much like the flesh of an armadillo. Bipedal, they rely on their thick, muscular tail for balance. Their hands and feet have three digits which end in sturdy claws. The feet have one toe reversed, for grasping, while the hand has a powerful, opposable thumb. The tail ends in a bony tip that, when certain muscles are flexed, splits into three prongs, similar to a grappling hook.

The head has a narrow, jutting muzzle that protrudes about 15 centimeters from its face, and three eyes arranged in a triangular pattern. The eyes see from normal light through ultraviolet and a sensory pit on the end of the nose has limited heat-sensing ability. Menelvagorean ears are little more than holes in the sides of the head, but they have a range of hearing that extends from human norm down to very low frequencies, including the sounds of earth tremors and other subtle vibrations.

Menelvagoreans live on a strange world in a triple star system. Their world has an elliptical orbit oddly constrained by the gravitational forces of the stars in the system (though the smallest and most distant of the stars really exerts little influence on it). Life sprang up in the massive, ever-shifting fissures beneath the surface of this very hot world; the Menelvagoreans represent the highest form of that life. Their claws and grappling hook tail allowed the ancient Menelvagoreans to traverse the dangerous byways of the crevasses similarly to the way monkeys move through trees, and the jutting muzzle became useful for getting prey out from within small cracks. The bony flesh stopped cuts on jagged rocks and even helped prevent damage from rockslides.

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