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The Major Spacefaring Races (informally known as the Greater Aliens in TOG) are those races that dominate the interstellar stage; they are well-known across the galaxy and may have built vast interstellar empires through colonization and terraforming. In every case, their overall populations are in the trillions and in every case, have mastered the construction and use of Faster-than-Light technologies.


For a race to be considered a "major space-faring race", it needs to meet several criteria:

  1. The race in question must be sentient, with a clearly defined technological civilization.
  2. The race must have the technology required to design, build, maintain and operate spaceships.
  3. The race in question must have established colonies on other solar systems. This does not necessarily imply the use of a T-space drive, but the colonies must be well-established and self-sustaining.
  4. Communications and trade must exist between the various colonies and/or the home system.
  5. The race must have a significant presence in the local interstellar community.
  6. The race in question must have developed, either through native technology or reverse engineering, Faster-than-Light technology.

List of Major Spacefaring Races

As of 6840 AD, the major spacefaring races of the Via Lactea Galaxy are:

Races that fail to meet the standards

  • The Hive (minor spacefaring race) - no native FTL development (recently reverse-engineered terran FTL technology)
  • Huldice
  • Lungdo
  • Menelvagoreans - no native FTL development (minor commercial FTL construction using open-source designs), only one world (no colonies)
  • Ritha
  • Zog - no native FTL development, no native Spaceship construction, only one world (no colonies)