RL Leviathan box

Part of the Renegade Legion series of boardgames, Leviathan covers capital ship combat. The starfighters from Interceptor are represented not as individual units, but as whole squadrons or flights launched from massive starships. While Leviathan uses the same template-based damage resolution mechanic as the other games, the templates are relatively less complex and much more easy to use.

In 1993, a second printing replaced the folding box capital ship counters with simple 2D flat counters, adding these as a fifth counter sheet in the box contents.

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

"TOG Leviathans move through deep space seeking enemies of the empire. Kilometers in length, these colossal warships carry enough weaponry to boil a planet. Their captains carefully maneuver these ships like Dreadnoughts of old to maximize firepower. Their opponents do the same, circling in a slow, sinister dance that covers kilometers. The order to attack is given, and the fate of star systems is decided!"

1988, 1993
FASA 5104
ISBN 1555600859


  • 22 full-color folding box capital ship counters
  • Two 24- x 36- hex maps
  • 320 1-inch counters (4 sheets, numbered)
  • Blank ship record sheet booklet
  • Rulebook (64 pages)