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Leviathan: Capital Ship Briefing is a game supplement for FASA's Renegade Legion: Leviathan published by FASA in 1989.

It includes statistics, descriptions, and illustrations of 55 ship classes, from Destroyers to Battleships.

Publisher's Description

"The Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing is a recognition manual loaded with information about Leviathans of the Terran Overlord Government and its opponents, the Commonwealth and Renegade Legion. This technical briefing is a guide to the huge interstellar battleships that provide the mobile force to control the giant galactic empires of Renegade Legion. Full ship statistics, weaponry listings, defensive complement, power, and maneuvering information is provided."
"The Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing provides information about 55 Leviathans, including Battleships, Cruisers, Frigates, and Interceptor Carriers."

Table of Contents

128 pages
FASA 5304
ISBN 1555600980