Capital grade laser 01

A weapon system which fires (pulses) of coherent light beams generated through a Gennium-Arsenic crystal.

Vehicle, Aerospace and Naval-grade Laser weapons are normally rated by the length and diameter of their focusing crystal. Thus, a 7.5/3 laser has a crystal that is 7.5 meters long and 3 centimeters in diameter. They are used in both ground and space combat.

When carried on capital ships, capital-grade lasers are mounted in clusters of 10, 25, 50 or 100 lasers of the same size.

Painting LasersEdit

All military ground and grav vehicles carry low-power lasers used to read shield flicker rates and guide missiles and bombs to their targets. due to their function in the battlefield, they are widely known as "painting lasers".

Most infantry combat rifles are equipped with "painting lasers" that are but a fraction of the power of their larger vehicular cousins, requiring eight units to match the "illumination" at significantly shorter ranges.

Vehicle-mounted units have a practical range of 4 km, infantry units have a range of 1.2 km.