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The Imperial Navy Ship Kraken is an Ultor-class Battleship in the service of the TOG Navy.

Commissioned in 6657 AD, Kraken was the flagship of Admiral Nels Skogen's Kraken Battleship Squadron. Four months after commissioning, during the Battle of Haroska, Kraken faced the KessRith flagship Drashok in battle, destroying it at knife-fight ranges in the upper atmosphere of the planet, removing the KessRith's highest-ranking strategic Admiral from the war and forcing a theater-wide cease-fire due to troop exhaustion.

Severely damaged during the Battle of Shok Latail, which claimed Skogen's life, Kraken was left as an empty hulk in a wide system orbit until it was recovered and restored for recommissioning after the defection of the Renegade Legions caused a severe shortage of ships across the Republic/KessRith front in 6682.

After newer Battleships became available in significant numbers, Kraken was mothballed in 6709.

In 6829, Kraken was recommissioned after refurbishment and assigned to Rear Admiral Luther Catalus as the flagship of his "Punishment Squadron" for deployment behind enemy lines in Shannedam County (The Wake of the Kraken).

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