TOG ACADEMY: the Renegade Legion Wiki

Tracked Recovery Vehicle, HQ Platoon III Century 3/137th Pencader Provincial Garrison Legion

A Headquarters Platoon or HQ Platoon is a technical supply and support unit attached to every combat Century.

The HQ Platoon is generally commanded by a Lieutenant-equivalent (OF-1/O-1 or O-2) officer and is composed of three vehicles and corresponding personnel:

  • One Supply Vehicle
  • One Maintenance Vehicle
  • One Recovery Vehicle

The Supply Vehicle is a simple transport for carrying consumables, such as ammunition, fuel, food, toilet paper, water, oil, grease, commonly used spare parts and fluids and other field essentials.

The Maintenance Vehicle is a transport equipped with a small shop, tools, lifts and additional spare parts; things needed to keep the Century's vehicles active in the field and perform routine maintenance and light repairs.

The Recovery Vehicle is a glorified tow truck; usually a modified tank or APC powerful enough to tow the heaviest tank in the Line Century.

These vehicles are always grav units in Strike and front-line Infantry Legions. In Garrison and second-line Infantry Legions, the three HQ vehicle types are only rarely grav units; most commonly they are wheeled, tracked or hover, depending on terrain and Century composition.

The total personnel of a HQ platoon averages to approximately 24-36, depending on the type of Century being supported.