Gathering storm cover

Gathering Storm is a scenario book expansion for Renegade Legion, published under license in 1992 by Nightshift Games, Inc..

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

From the back cover:

"Finally", Regent Stephan Lukather broke the silence. 'For twenty years TOG has forced us back across Shannendam County. We must stop them here."
"We shall scatter them like sand before us!" Count (title) Horace declared, slapping his clenched fist into his open palm.
Massus' expression became graver as he stared out at the vast ocean of space. Behind him, General Biders turned to Commander Kry'll.
"Proceed with the plan, Anrathe."
"She bowed with a satisfied smile and retired with a whisper of silk. Barely aware of the background conversation, The Grand Duke continued to gaze at the planet and starfield before him. Recalling his son's bravado, he hoped they would not end up shoveling sand against the TOG tide."
Thus began OPERATION... Gathering Storm

A new scenario book for use with the RENEGADE LEGION series of games. Includes scenarios for INTERCEPTOR, CENTURION, LEVIATHAN, and LEGIONNAIRE. Use requires ownership of one of those games.