Frost Death Novel lg

Frost Death is a 1992 novel written by Peter L. Rice set in the Renegade Legion universe.


"Commonwealth intelligence has hatched a harebrained scheme. The Mission: take out the TOG command center on the other side of Caralis by sending a small strike force over the southern pole. Success could turn the tide of war on Caralis, but failure means certain doom for the troops involved. Prefect Kenderson of the Renegade 2567th Provisional Legion draws the assignment. Once again he activates Cohort Harris, this time sending the unit to the pole for a wide ranging, arctic battle with TOG grav armor, penal infantry, and traitors within its own ranks!"


  • HaloJonesFan (San Jose, CA, USA) - May 24, 2001
Several of the characters from Rice's earlier 'Damned if we do...' return in his second RPG-based 'Renegade Legion' book. This time they're fighting cardboard-cutout villains at the icy south pole of a war-torn planet. The narrative moves at a fairly decent pace, and the story manages to avoid descending into mere gun-fondling; however, the dice can clearly be heard rolling in the background of some action sequences, and the action is occasionally a bit difficult to follow. A degree of familiarity with the RPG background is also assumed. Fans of Battletech novels and David Drake's earlier works will enjoy this one, though it probably wouldn't be suitable for a 'first Mil-SF' book. The content is about a PG-13 level.