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The Commonwealth's Toledo-class (above) and TOG's Tramp-class (below); typical commercial freighters.

Freighters (AKA "Cargo Ships") are the backbone of every space-faring civilization, from the multi-million-world stellar empires to systems with a single colony. Very few are not FTL-capable; those that are tend to be little more than glorified orbital supply shuttles and off-loaders.

FTL-equipped freighters can be constructed using conventional technology (commonly called "commercial freighters") or with advanced technology (commonly called "superfreighters"). The labels of "commercial" or "super-" are wholly arbitrary and unofficial.

When in military service, the term "transport" is commonly used, though "logistics ship/transport/vessel" is also used.

Commercial Freighters

There is a wide variety of commercial FTL transport craft available. The merchant cartels of Business Mission have hundreds of different models. Traders within both TOG and the Commonwealth also have an extensive number of vessels at their disposal.

Most commercial ships are unarmed, especially those traveling within TOG-controlled space. The Terran Overlord Government has many strict regulations on the arming of commercial vessels, though these laws are relaxed in counties that are currently on the front lines.

The Commonwealth has a Merchant Marine service which al-lows civilians to equip their vessels with the weapons and firepower to protect themselves. This service has proven to reduce shipping casualties from the occasional fighter interception.

The merchant cartels' small commercial freighters are essentially heavily armed patrol class ships that can carry cargo. By all accounts these are deadly vessels to deal with in close quarters.