The Fire Eagles 01

The Fire Eagles is a scenario pack for Renegade Legion INTERCEPTOR. It describes some of the deadly deep-space battles in which the Fire Eagles have taken part in Shannedam County, the most hotly contested area of space in the current TOG/Renegade war. Included are dossiers on select members of the Fire Eagles, with briefings on their personalities, skills, and personal backgrounds. There is also the unit history, combat readiness, and 15 scenarios pitting the Fire Eagles against the Commonwealth and their Renegade allies.

Publisher's DescriptionEdit

"The Fire Eagles are a squadron of the 3021st Interceptor Wing, the Blood Eagles. Commanded by Tiberius Mannius, son of Overlord Mannius of the Terran Overlord Government, their mission is to hunt down and slaughter all members of the Renegade Legion, and to terrorize its sympathizers.

Some people say The Fire Eagles have an unfair advantage because Overlord Mannius makes sure his son's squadron gets all the supplies and parts they need. The Fire Eagles just smile and paint the fresh kills on their fighters.

56 pages
FASA 5202
ISBN 1555600565