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Capital Escorts are a class of small warship common in the Renegade Legion universe among all Major Spacefaring Races.

Commonly called "escorts", ships of this class have power rating ranging from 16,000 to 30,000, the same range as the so-called "Patrol Escort", though the functions are often quite different in a fleet. Lighter and cheaper than Destroyers, with limited armor, shields and firing arcs, escorts are nonetheless formidable opponents when faced as part of a well-organized fleet and allow for worlds with even minimal capabilities to produce capital-grade warships for their own defense and the defense of their realm.

Use of these ships in squadron and group formations has increased along the Commonwealth and KessRith fronts as a counter to the surging trend towards fighter swarms and capital missiles.

Ship Designations

Capital Escorts are generally assigned the designation code DE by the naval forces of TOG and the Renegade Legions, where ships of this category are better known as Destroyer Escorts. The Commonwealth Navy classes them as EE, as do the Free Naram forces, who make ample use of the class for transport purposes.

  • DE - Destroyer Escort - Used both in TOG and the Republican Navy
  • EE - Escort - Used by the Commonwealth Royal Navy and Free Naram
  • PE - Patrol Escort - sometimes shared with lesser ship types, based on function.
  • KH - Heavy Corvette - KessRith designation
  • ECV - Escort Carrier - Though no dedicated "carrier hull" is commonly used, ships can be configured for fighter operations.

Ship Classes


  • Minimalis-class

Commonwealth / Republican Navy

  • Flowers-class

Free Naram

  • Chauactlatil-class