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Destroyers are the workhorses of the fleet. Their mobility is their greatest strength. They have the strength to overpower patrol-class ships and the mobility to outmaneuver larger ships. They can move in, strike quickly, then evade. It's for these reasons that the destroyer is the favorite choice for deep-system raiding. This is also the primary role for destroyer-class carriers.

Destroyers are generally considered the smallest of the Leviathans, though smaller capital classes do exist.

Ship Designation

Most destroyers use DD as hull designation.

  • D - Nearly obsolete designation used for non-FTL planetary defense ships.
  • DCV - Used to designate "fast carriers" (TOG) and "flotilla carriers" (CAF).
  • DG - Obsolete designation given to early missile-system equipped destroyers.
  • DDG - Designation given to destroyers equipped with Type C, D or F missile systems (TOG) or D systems (CAF).
  • DE - Obsolete designation given to slower, lightly armed Escorts. This designation has been reassigned to Corvettes.

Ship Classes


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