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A Commonwealth Apollo-class cruiser.

The TOG Syracuse-class cruiser Releara´s Anger.

The second heaviest class of capital ships with great firepower, cruisers sacrifice the speed and maneuverability that would allow them to operate alone in a raiding capacity. For this reason, cruisers are most often deployed as part of a larger battle group or are held back for planet system defense.

Ship Designation

Cruisers are generally assigned the designation code CC by the naval forces of TOG, the Renegade Legions and The Commonwealth, both to their own ships and to the ships of other spacefaring races:

  • C - designation given to cruisers incapable of Faster-than-Light travel, rarely seen in modern fleets.
  • CA - TOG Navy designation for "Attack Cruiser"; what the Renegade Legions Navy considers "Heavy Cruisers". Commonwealth Navy uses CA classification for "Armored Cruiser"
  • CAV - Cruiser-class Fleet Carrier; used almost interchangeably with CCV in modern navies, the "CAV" designation is generally slightly larger and is more likely to be seen in a supporting role.
  • CC - Cruiser. Both TOG and The Commonwealth use this designation for most "generic" cruiser classes.
  • CCV - Cruiser-class carrier; both TOG Navy and the Renegade Legions use this designation.
  • CG - Missile Cruiser; the Commonwealth Navy gives this designation to cruisers equipped with Type E Missile Systems.
  • CH - Heavy Cruiser; TOG and Republican designation given to early generation battleships reclassified as cruisers. Commonwealth designation for cruiser-class assault transports.
  • CL - Light Cruiser; fast cruisers with light or absent Spinal Mounts and/or Missile Systems.
  • CV - Commonwealth Navy designation for cruiser-class carriers, most commonly in dedicated carriers lacking heavy weapon systems.

Cruiser Classes