Battalion Nato

Standard TOG/RL/CAF map designation for friendly Cohort.

A Cohort (called a Battalion in the Commonwealth Armed Forces) is a mid-level ground-based military formation comprised of six (or ten) combat Centuries plus one Headquarters Century and which is commanded by a Legatus (OF-3/O-4).

Ten combat Cohorts form the striking arm of a Legion.

The First Cohort of every legion consists of ten line Centuries plus a HQ Century and generally has better and heavier equipment and personnel than the other nine Cohorts of the Legion.

The remaining nine Cohorts of the Legion are built from six line Centuries plus a HQ Century; the exceptions are Praetorian Legions (which use ten line Centuries per Cohort) and some Auxilia ground formations.

Legion Cohorts are assigned to one of the five Manus of a Legion. Conversely, the Cohort may be built from the ground up as an independent unit or Auxilia, as is often the case with Marine units.

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