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Carriers, more formally known as Fighter Carriers or Shuttle Carriers are a subtype of warship whose primary function in battle is to deliver its fighter compliment, as the structural and power requirements of its flight decks preclude the installation of Spinal Mounts or laser bays larger or more than 50 tubes.

On rare occasions, conventional warships have carried the CV Hull Designation due to the large numbers of fighters and/or small craft embarked, but this is not at all common.

Maximum Fighter CapacityEdit

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Max. Fighter
Overlord 2,520 7 Wings Ultracarrier
Battleship CV 1,800 5 Wings Supercarrier
Cruiser CV 1,080 3 Wings Fleet Carrier
Frigate CV 360 1 Wing Fleet Carrier
Destroyer CV 144 2 Groups Fast Carrier
Battleship 144 2 Groups n/a
Cruiser 72 1 Group n/a
Frigate 48 2 Flights Strike Carrier
Destroyer 24 1 Flight Strike Carrier
Capital Escort 24 1 Flight Escort Carrier
Patrol Escort 24 1 Flight Escort Carrier
Capital Corvette 6 1 Squadron Escort Carrier
Patrol Corvette 6 1 Squadron Patrol Carrier