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APPENDIX LVI: Beverages in the Renegade Legion Setting

APPENDIX LVI: Beverages in the Renegade Legion Setting
by Sings-With-Spirits


Djeg - This is a human-recipe beer made with Kess-origin darada grain, created on Kess-conquered worlds, since darada (similar to millet; not as nutritious as terran grains, but suitable for poor terrain and a wide variety of terrain. Djeg is unpalatable to Kess palates (the hops are nauseating to the KessRith), marking it as THE human drink throughout human-controlled space, even if TOG sees is as the drink of the poor and prefer alcoholic brews made from Terran-origin grains.

Each world has its own favored recipe, using their own variant of darada (sometimes blended with other grains), hops, or even local waters in different ratios, either as beers or ales. Eve…

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 27 April 2017

APPENDIX LV: Carrier Flight Operations

The reason fighters start scenarios deployed is because in 99.9999999% of encounters, there is plenty of time to launch them before combat starts.

Remember how T-space works; a ship needs to accelerate over a long period of time to enter T-space, and when they exit T-space, need to decelerate for an absolute minimum of 30 minutes (a thrust-5 ship dedicating full power to engines decelerating from the minimum T-space velocity of 30 hexes per 5-minute Lev turn), not taking into consideration matching vectors for the meet. On top of that, T-doppler will detect the ships approaching before they exit T-space.

Simply put; the Renegade Legion universe is not like Star Wars, where ships exit hyperspace right on top of the enemy fleet, or the re-imag…

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 13 July 2016

APPENDIX LIII: List of Leviathan ship errata

Just a little list documenting the canon ships from Leviathan appearing on the Leviathan: Capital Ship Briefing that have construction rule mistakes.

Rather than list the issues here, this list links to the relevant articles, where the errata has already been added.


Dochendal-class destroyer
Morkanium-class destroyer
Seeadler-class light carrier
Kruger-class destroyer
Potemkin-class destroyer
Warder-class destroyer
Hornet-class light carrier
Lexington-class light carrier


Hipper-class Frigate
Xerxes-class Frigate


Kondracke-class cruiser


Illustris-class Battleship
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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 29 June 2016

APPENDIX XXVIII: Fuel usage and storage in Leviathan and Interceptor

APPENDIX XXVIII: Fuel usage and storage in Leviathan and Interceptor

By Fireangel

One aspect of both space-combat RL games (Leviathan and Interceptor) that is both crystal clear and infuriatingly vague is the rules regarding fuel usage in space-going vessels.

First, let’s get some basics out of the way through review: ships in RL come in two basic types; built with Leviathan rules and built with Interceptor rules:

Interceptor-rules vessels (which we will refer to as “fighters”, for convenience, whether they are light fighters or 30k PF “patrol vessel” Escorts) can accelerate from a relative velovity of 0 to a velocity of 750 hexes per turn and descelerate back to zero… once. To borrow a term from Battletech: Aerotech, this is the equivalent of…

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 29 June 2016

APPENDIX XLIX: Let’s Build a Colony

APPENDIX XLIX: Let’s Build a Colony

Note: Original Battletech Universe article was posted on Forums; it is converted here from its original form into Renegade Legion.

Let's build a Colony © 2011, 2012, 2016 Fireangel

The first thing we need to figure out is "what kind of colony do we want?" This is an important question, as different types of colonies have different needs.

Numbers given will assume a generally human-compatible environment, where extraordinary measures are not required for basic survival.

A "Drop Colony" is one that is "dropped-off" complete, on-site and expected to thrive and survive for a long time; while new colonists may be brought in, the basis of the colony is monolithic; there are no further waves of colonist…

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 17 April 2016

On Missiles and Map Sizes

While I do find that the "all facings in target hex" clause to missile damage is *really* steep, I have to say that the main problem with the capital missile rules has absolutely nothing to do with the game mechanics; the main problem is the published scenarios and the minuscule maps used.

The scenarios tend to be abnormally small formations, crammed on one or two mapsheets; practically starting the game within missile range. This goes against the whole point of design of the ships, which is "defense in depth" with squadron-level formations.

Last summer I played a BB squadron-level scenario; my opponent used a number of custom Levs, representing a KessRith squadron (these customs included a Type:E DDG and a Hermes-expy) against my TOG Illust…

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 20 December 2015

APPENDIX XVIII: Just what the heck are all these appendices?

These appendices are the result of my being conned into GMing a Renegade Legion Legionnaire campaign geared towards Imperial Senate-level political intrigue. In my research and preparations, I came across a distressing truism: the game I had enjoyed for decades for its rich background lacked more substance than flat soda. Don’t get me wrong! I still love the setting, but the more I looked into the details, the less sense they made together.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but let me illustrate with one particularly egregious example; the Garrison Legion:

Canon states that the TOG Army is composed of over eight million legions, the majority of which are Garrison legions deployed as standard TOG doctrine of one Garrison Legion per million inhabi…

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 30 July 2015

This Wiki is NOT forgotten!

I've been asked why I have not been updating the Wiki.

Let me assure y'all that this is not intentional; technical (my PC died, so I'm using a combination of antique laptop and smartphone, so I don't have access to a good editor or photoshop), work, health, and personal issues have all conspired to slow down progress.

I expect these things to be resolved soon, meaning I can continue to add articles and artwork to the wiki.

I seriously want to make this the go-to place for Renegade Legion information on the web, and I'm committed to this wiki's success.

--Sings-With-Spirits (talk) 14:31, July 30, 2015 (UTC)

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 16 October 2014

One Year Old!

Just to make note:

This Wikia is a year old!


--Sings-With-Spirits (talk) 17:52, October 16, 2014 (UTC)

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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 18 October 2013

The Real-World history of Renegade Legion and how this colored its development.

As most Renegade Legion enthusiasts know, the game was originally developed by FASA as a Star Wars RPG. When West End Games got the license, FASA decided to rework the fluff and release it as its own setting: Renegade Legion.

You can still see the (pre-prequel) SW influence in RL: a galaxy-spanning evil empire (formerly a democratic republic) ruled by humans is fighting a rebellion in the far end of the galaxy; a rebellion that is like a cancer spreading anti-imperial sentiments throughout the empire. Fighter combat is king. Capital ships are generally wedge-shaped kilometer-long gray behemoths bristling with laser weapons. Speeders, lasers, imperial senators, rebels, even stormtroopers (Just *look* at the art, people!). Of course, with the…

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