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Two Shiva-class battleships orbiting the embattled planet Caralis. (Original models supplied by user Spicmart.)

"Battleships are the behemoths of starship design, with a single ship having as much size and tonnage as twelve destroyers. Loaded down with awesome laser bays, multiple-reload missile systems, and substantial fighter contingents, any battleship packs a punch that few ships can withstand, and none can ignore. A battleship group most often serves as the backbone for all major fleet operations. A battleship carrier is the largest ship in service, the Overlord alone being capable of carrying seven fighter wings into combat." [1]


Besides the obvious increases in firepower, fighter contingents and raw power output, Battleships are equipped with the most powerful sensors that can be mounted on a ship, from N-space radio/optical/IR long-range sensors to some of the most sophisticated T-doppler arrays available. Because of this, Battleships are indispensable and irreplaceable assets in 69th Century Warfare.

Because of their strategic value, Battleships are only rarely by themselves; most commonly, they serve at the center of a Battleship Squadron, or similar formation. Even when deployed without a squadron, they are always escorted by lesser warships.

Ship Designation

Battleships are generally assigned the designation code BB by the naval forces of TOG, the Renegade Legions and The Commonwealth, both to their own ships and to the ships of other spacefaring races:

  • B - Rarely encountered in modern fleets, so-called "planetary/system defense battleships" lack T-space FTL drives, making them practically immobile in the modern strategic sense. This is the designation given to historic KessRith "generational warships".
  • BB - "Standard" modern battleships
  • BBC - Command Battleship - a mostly obsolete designation given to a few early classes of battleships equipped with advanced command and control technology. Eclipsed by newer classes which integrated the same technology. The Commonwealth Navy uses this designation for ships intended for assignment as flagships for officers of Admiral rank (OF-9/O-10) or higher.
  • BBG - Guided Missile Battleship - Commonwealth Navy designation given to battleships equipped with modern (Type E missile systems). TOG does not use this designation.
  • BBV - Mostly obsolete designation for Battleship-class carriers, usage remains in some older ships and regional fleets.
  • BC - Battlecruiser - Obsolete designation in TOG and the Republican Navy. All battlecruisers in both fleets have been redesignated BB or CA depending on rating.
  • BCC - Battlecruiser - Obsolete Commonwealth designation; still in use in Free Naram and Naram Republic fleets, occasional use in KessRith fleets.
  • BCV - Battleship-class carrier; sacrifices sheer firepower for significantly improved fighter capability.
  • BT - Battleship-class Military Transports; obsolete designation for TOG's nearly-defunct Revenant-class Assault Super-Transport
  • CVB - Obsolete Terran Republic designation for Battleship-class carrier.

List of Battleship Classes