Alaric Prefecture - 6831

The Alaric Offensive is the latest phase of TOG's Commonwealth War.

Alaric Offensive of 6795Edit

After fourteen years of relative peace along the border following the fall of Grenbern Grand Dukedom in 6783, and three years after the conquest of the Grand Dukedoms of Medina and Mission Stars, TOG launched a new offensive into the Grand Dukedom of Alesia, simultaneously striking worlds in Gilpin, Hibbing, Keserdal, Bannor and Rhoalter counties.

Kesedral, Shannedam & Finor CorridorEdit



Year County Worlds Conquered
6795 Kesedral Corner, Moulton, Tvyfid
6796 Kesedral Griffin, Hoxter, Powcus, Quincy
6797 Kesedral Anlony, D’Arcy, Uldz
6798 Kesedral Felltor, Pax, Siut
6799 Kesedral Bors, Hogeland, Hovt, Tomil
6800 Kesedral Brugnato, Chapeau, Diuers, Mavais, Page, Zele
6801 Kesedral Carthago, Dore, Kvistino, Lushan, Tyonek
6802 Kesedral
6803 Kesedral Beck, Naicam, Watson
6804 Kesedral Amore, Elham, Fairfax, Oss, Whitmoor
6805 Kesedral Kissis
6806 Kesedral Pas
6807 Kesedral Lorup
6808 Kesedral
6809 Kesedral JaJasos
6810 Kesedral (Kesedral consolidation)


Year County Worlds Conquered
6811 Shannedam Anacona
6812 Shannedam Olisipio
6813 Shannedam
6814 Shannedam Mysia, Thapsus
6815 Shannedam
6816 Shannedam
6817 Shannedam
6818 Shannedam Saguntum, Sparta
6819 Shannedam Iol, Vefros
6820 Shannedam Yols
6821 Shannedam Gria, Grosianus
6822 Shannedam Tavraco
6823 Shannedam Zama
6824 Shannedam Pisae
6825 Shannedam
6826 Shannedam
6827 Shannedam Carthage
6828 Shannedam
6829 Shannedam Mavinov

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