Commonwealth Grand Dukedoms - Alaric Prefecture

TOG's Alaric Prefecture, also known as The Commonwealth's Grand Dukedom of Alaric dragward of the battle lines, is an Illustris-level contested territory which serves as the front lines of the TOG/Commonwealth War.


Alaric Prefecture - 6831

The Alaric Offensive of 6795 has altered the Dukedom's map.

The Territory is currently divided into the following Counties / Provinces:


  1. Counties still maintain governmental function from their county capital.
  2. Provinces have enough TOG infrastructure in place to establish a quorum for a spectibles-level provincial senator.
  3. TOG Protectorates have conquered the county seat, but as of 6841, don't have enough quorum to "vote" into power a spectibles-level provincial senator.
  4. Contested systems host active, dynamic fronts.